Facebook Video Help

You should be able to see above this text our most recent Facebook video. You can scroll down for previous dates. Click on the Play button and then click on the small “f” facebook logo to open in a new tab to view in a larger window or fullscreen.

If you have any trouble watching our Facebook videos or live streams, please contact office@siucnewman.org and let us know about your problem.

A few preliminary suggestions:

  • a wired internet connection (LAN) usually provides the best results.
  • a wireless WiFi connection usually provides better results than a cell phone data (4G) connection.
  • for slower connections, people have reported better results using the Facebook app for iOS or Android (or Smart TV) rather than watching through a computer browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.).
  • using the Facebook app requires a Facebook account, but watching through a browser does not.
  • people with Frontier internet service generally have slower connections than Mediacom subscribers, especially for the Live streaming.
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