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Second Sunday in Advent
Third Sunday in Advent
Fourth Sunday in Advent

Tips for Praying with Scripture

During these Advent reflections, you are asked to read and pray with scripture, and then talk about your experience with your sponsor or another spiritual companion. Begin by reading aloud the brief scripture passage. Listen carefully for a word or verse that stands out for you as you hear the Word of God. Without any explanation, write down or highlight a word or verse from the scripture passage that touches your heart.

Read the same scripture passage again. What characters or viewpoints do you relate to? Think about how this scripture passage is speaking to your life at this very moment. Write down a statement that expresses that insight. Examples may include: I feel, I think, I hear, I know, I wonder, I imagine, etc.

Now read the same scripture passage a third time. What is God asking you to do today because of what you have read? Share with your spiritual companion your response to how God is calling you through the Holy Spirit dwelling within you to follow Jesus. You may want to journal your response as a prayer of petition, adoration, praise, or thanksgiving. Continue to contemplate the scripture throughout the day.

All of the readings in this booklet are taken from the Sunday readings for each Mass for the four weeks of Advent. You can read them directly form the Bible, or find them below.

First Sunday of Advent (Nov. 29th)

Using the suggestions on page 2 of this booklet, prayerfully read and reflect on this week

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