Parking Lot Information

The Newman Center owns a parking lot on Washington Street with many spots available for use.

4 thoughts on “Parking Lot Information”

  1. Where can parent of SIU student park for attending Mass on weekend or during week or Holy Day?

    1. Great question! Our parking lot is always available (without a permit) to those attending the Newman Center or Newman events. Also, the Evolve Apartments parking lot on the other side of Washington St (along the railroad tracks) can be used Sunday mornings for Mass.

  2. Hi! I was wondering if students who are not residing at the Newman Center can still take part in activities. I would love to get more involved with you guys but I live off campus. Thanks!

    1. Amy, we would love to help get you more involved. Most of our active students do not reside here at Newman, and you are always welcome to use our parking lot whenever you are visiting Newman. Please stop in and introduce yourself and we can help you find some activities that you are interested in.

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