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You look up and you see, as it were, a great mountain to be scaled; you say, How can I possibly find a path over these giant obstacles?
Look up in hope, trust in Him who calls you forward…
He will lead you forward step by step.
-Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Our patron, Blessed Cardinal Newman, had a vision for Catholic education. In his life’s work, he brought together the quest for universal knowledge, the sanctity of a universal faith, and the hope for a universal church where God is present and witnessed to in each authentically Christian life. The miracle was not that his vision was grand; the miracle was not that Newman Centers and Catholic campus ministries were founded to bring it to life, the miracle is that it works, and we know that it works.

Why do we need a Newman Catholic Student Center?

According to the Pew Research Center,
• One out of every ten Americans is an ex-Catholic
• After Catholics and Baptists, ex-Catholics would be the next largest Christian denomination in the U.S.
• One of three adults who were raised Catholic have left the Catholic Church.
• Of those who leave, about half of them become a member of a Protestant church.
• Two-thirds of Catholics who become Protestants do so before they reach the age of twenty-four.
• 90% of Catholic college students attend non-Catholic colleges and universities.

According to the CARA center at Georgetown University, students who had participated in their campus ministry programs were more likely after college to:
• attend Mass
• be very involved in their parish
• read books about Catholicism
• serve as lay ministers
• donate to Catholic organizations
• consider becoming a priest or religious
• report that helping the needy is essential to their faith
• study religion or theology in college or graduate school
• state that their Catholic faith is among the most important things in their lives.

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