The Order of Christian Initiation for Adults is for people considering joining the Catholic Church. We also welcome baptized Catholics who want to complete their initiation through the reception of the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

The OCIA process begins in early September with weekly sessions on various aspects of Scripture and Church teaching. Spring sessions focus on deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ as He is revealed in Scripture and the sacraments. Every session includes time for discussion; questions are encouraged. During the SIU Fall Semester our sessions are held at Newman in the snack bar at 7:00pm. Curious visitors are encouraged to join us. Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic faith is welcome to attend. In the Spring semester we meet at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. It is still possible to join even after OCIA is underway for the year.

Contact Dawn O’Leary for further information.

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  1. Joseph D High

    I remember taking these classes and it was so much fun I had Greg Budzban as my backup to get into the church and they had us doing so many great things to try to get into the church on easter! It is such a blessing to be a roman catholic and I would not have it any other way!:)

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