COVID Guidelines

To ensure a safe environment, we are currently limiting our Mass attendance to provide for adequate social distancing.  For daily Mass (Monday through Friday), there is no need to register; however, in order to participate in the Saturday or Sunday celebrations, you must register at

Health and Safety Guidelines for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

• Penitents must wear face masks or facial coverings the entire time they are in the church, including during confession (those with breathing difficulties can be exempted from this requirement).
• The priest also will wear a mask for the entire time he is hearing confessions.
• All penitents will arrive through the front or handicapped (side) door and be directed to sit in the main worship space at least six feet apart from all others. Please do not enter through the kitchen door.
• The traditional confessional will not be used. Confessions will be heard in the Newman Annex space, or at St. Francis in the daily chapel (near the tabernacle), with an option for either face-to-face (with distance) or anonymously behind a divider.
• After confession the priest will require that penance be fulfilled outside the church. Penitent are not permitted to remain in the church after their confessions are heard.

Health and Safety Guidelines for the Celebration of Mass

Before you arrive:
• Check your temperature; please do not come if your temperature is above normal.
• Stay at home if you are ill or experiencing any common symptoms of COVID-19.
• Bring a face covering to wear.

When you arrive:
• Enter only through the front doors of the Church, if possible.
• Wear your mask at all times, except for taking Communion.
• Observe six feet of social distancing at all times.
• Sit as directed by the ushers in the appropriate locations.
• Wash or sanitize hands as needed.
• Collection baskets will be placed near the entrance; there will be no passing of baskets. Or, donate online at or

During the service:
• No physical sign of peace will be exchanged.
• No collection will be taken during the Preparation of the Gifts.
• Please do not change seats during Mass.
• Leave for Communion when directed by the greeter.
• Maintain 6 feet of distance in line (as marked on floors).
• Approach priest when directed, with mask still in place.
• Extend a single hand to receive Holy Communion.
• Move six feet away from priest, lower mask, and consume Host.
• Replace mask immediately after taking Communion.

After the service:
• Take with you any worship aids you may have brought.
• Follow instructions for dismissal and maintain social distance.
• Use only the designated doors to exit.
• Please do not congregate outside the Church doors.
• Continue wearing your mask until you have reached the parking lot.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.