COVID Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines for the Celebration of Mass

Before you arrive:
• Check your temperature; please do not come if your temperature is above normal.
• Stay at home if you are ill or experiencing any common symptoms of COVID-19.
• Bring a face covering to wear if you have not been vaccinated.

When you arrive:
• Please wear a mask at all times, except for taking Communion, if you have not been fully vaccinated.
• The far section of seats is reserved for those who prefer to observe social distancing (every other row).
• Collection baskets will be placed near the entrance;, donate online at

During the service:
• No physical sign of peace will be exchanged.
• Holy Communion will be distributed only under the form of the the consecrated host.
• Please sanitize hands before receiving Communion.
• For those wishing to receive Communion on the tongue, please wait until the end of the Communion procession.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.