Facebook Video Help

You should be able to see above this text our most recent Facebook video. You can scroll down for previous dates. Click on the Play button and then click on the small “f” facebook logo to open in a new tab to view in a larger window or fullscreen.

If you have any trouble watching our Facebook videos or live streams, please contact office@siucnewman.org and let us know about your problem.

A few preliminary suggestions:

  • a wired internet connection (LAN) usually provides the best results.
  • a wireless WiFi connection usually provides better results than a cell phone data (4G) connection.
  • for slower connections, people have reported better results using the Facebook app for iOS or Android (or Smart TV) rather than watching through a computer browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.).
  • using the Facebook app requires a Facebook account, but watching through a browser does not.
  • people with Frontier internet service generally have slower connections than Mediacom subscribers, especially for the Live streaming.  It may work better to wait until after the service is done streaming and watch the recorded version instead.

If you have a Facebook account and are using the app (for iPhone/iPad/Android/Roku/Fire TV) search for the “Saluki Catholics” Facebook page, and then on the Saluki Catholics page find the header with “Home…Posts…Videos…Events…Photos…” Press or click on Videos. Scroll down to the video you want to watch, and select it.  There may be some “dead time” at the beginning of recorded videos because we usually start live streaming several minutes before Mass begins.

If you are using a browser on a computer (Mac or PC; Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.), you will not need a Facebook account.  Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/siucnewman/videos/

and you should see something like this
first picture.png

Ignore the prompt to “Log In or Create New Account.” Scroll down to see the videos, then click on the one you want to watch (if there is a live video streaming, it should be the first one), like this:

second picture.png
That may take you to another annoying pop-up asking you to sign in.  If that happens, just click on the words “Not now” at the bottom of the pop-up and it should go away. It should take you straight to the video playing (third picture):
third picture.png
There is usually some “dead time” at the beginning, since we start streaming about 5 to 10 minutes before mass starts to give people time to find it.  For live videos, you can “rewind” if you missed something.  For recorded videos, you can use the slider at the bottom to skip to the beginning of Mass.  Usually the videos play better for people after they are done streaming live, which is mostly just a matter of your internet connection (wired vs. wireless vs. phone data), so if you have trouble watching live then wait until it is over and try again.

If, instead of a laptop or desktop computer, you are using the browser on a phone or tablet (instead of the Facebook app), then you will still not need a Facebook account.  You can use the link above or go straight to the “mobile” version of our Facebook videos, which is https://m.facebook.com/pg/siucnewman/videos/

The mobile version screen looks different than the pictures above, and unfortunately the titles of the videos will not appear, so you will just have to click one of the thumbnail pictures to see if it is the one you want (they are in chronological order, from newest to oldest).

If you get something different when you try, please email office@siucnewman.org and describe what your screen says (or even better send a picture of it) and we’ll see if we can figure out any problems you are having.
And thank you for watching and joining us in prayer!